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Business Close Down and Server Shutdown

  • Saturday, 6th April, 2024
  • 06:40am

Dear all our valued customers,

Due to unforeseen circumstances, we are forced to take drastic measures. We regret to inform all of our Hosting, Website and Domain Name owners, that we are going to close our business on 20th April 2024, Tuesday. Due to that, we will refund you for your hosting account package only.

Hosting/Website Owner

• Make your backup before 20th April 2024

Domain Name Owner

• Your domain name will be moved to another domain registrar. The registrar will be Webnic. For further billing and technical assistance, you will need alias with Webnic.   

1st April - 20th April 2024 – Backup Process From Customer and Refund process from Yesspage

20th April 2024 – Server Shutdown

We hope you have a good time and experience doing your business with us. 

Thank you

Managing Director

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