Dear All,

If you have encountered this problem, kindly please follow the below step to identify the problems.

1) Check your internet connection.
2) Check the link that you try to access. (You can check your email for the new links or you can log in through your account in
2) Try to clear your cache or use incognito mode on your browser.
3) Try to use a different internet connection such as your Mobile Data.

If you reach step 4 and you manage to access your site, email, Cpanel and etc, kindly please reconnect back to your previous internet connection and check for your public IP and open a new ticket to whitelist your IP address.

Your IP might be blocked by our server because you have attempted to login to your accounts with wrong login details and server detect the IP as malicious IP.

Thanks and chaw,
Your Lovely Technical Support yang tak balik raya. T.T

Thursday, May 14, 2020

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