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Q: What is SSL and Why do I need SSL? A: SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer. It is an encryption layer that encodes information that... Q: Why SSL? A: If you are running e-commerce transaction or you have a web site that request for customers... Q: Can I try an SSL Certificate before purchasing? A: No. There is no trial SSL certificate available.  Q: How do I download my certificate files? A: After you have purchased, we will send you a link where you will have access to download your... Q: How do I renew my certificate? A: You may just make the renewal payment to us as usual and to send us your renewal CSR generated... Q: I lost my private key. Can I get my certificate reissued for a new one? A: GeoTrust offer free reissues for the lifetime of every certificate issued. If you would like... Q: What is SSL Web Server Wildcard Certificate? A: A SSL Web Server Wildcard Certificate is a single certificate, with a wildcard character in... Q: Why it requires Domain Validation Process before SSL is issued? A: SSL Certificates are not only used for encryption, but it also shows that a Certificate... Q: Why should I consider selling SSL certificates to my customers? A: For any e-commerce site, online customers expect their financial information to be transmitted... Q: How does an SSL certificate work? A: An SSL certificate is a file installed on the web server that a web site is running on. This... Q: How does an SSL certificate work? A: An SSL certificate is a file installed on the web server that a web site is running on. This... Q: Why do I need a SSL certificate for my site? A: If your site sends or receives sensitive information, customers expect it to be secured with... Q: The domain I want to secure is not in my account, can I still buy an SSL Certificate? A: Yes, you can. The domain you wish to secure doesn't need to be in your account or even... Q: Do you sell chained certificates? A: Yes, all of our certificates are chained to a CA (certificate authority).  Q: What is a CA? A: CA stands for certificate authority. A CA is the company issuing the SSL certificate.  Q: What is the difference between a domain validation certificate and higher assurance certificates? A: Domain Validation certificates authenticate that the purchaser of the cert also owns (or... Q: What benefit is there to purchasing a higher validation certificate? A: Low assurance certificates encrypt the connection. Higher validation certificates perform the... Q: What does the green address bar do? A: The green address bar gives an intuitive visual cue that your business is legitimate. The... Q: Why is the brand of certificate important? A: Functionally, all certificates with the same level of encryption perform similarly. However,... Q: How do visitors know what kind of SSL certificate I'm using? A: To find out what SSL certificate you use, visitors simply click the lock icon in their... Q: Do SSL certificates work in all web browsers? A: SSL Certificates are compatible with 99.9% of all browsers, including all major web browsers.  Q: I changed web servers and my certificate no longer works. Can I get the certificate reissued? A: Yes. On your new web server, generate a new CSR for your certificate. Contact the certificate... Q: Can I upgrade my SSL Certificate? A: Once you purchase a certificate, we can't upgrade it. However, if you need a more secure... Q: What is SGC? A: Server Gated Cryptography (SGC) was developed for legacy computers and browsers that only... Q: Do I need technical expertise to set up an SSL certificate on my web site? A: Installing a certificate is not difficult, but it does involve a process that's specific to... Q: What is a CSR? A: CSR stands Certificate Signing Request. A CSR is a special key generated by a web server using... Q: What is SSL Waranty? A: Yes, that is for your peace of mind that should our SSL certificate gets compromised. We will...
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