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Q: What is a domain name? A: The web address your business' websites can be accessed on. For example, our domain name is... Q: Can an individual register a .com / .net / .org type of domain name? A: Yes, you can. Q: Can you register the domain name for me? A: Yes, you may submit your order for the domain name registration here. Q: How do I know which domain name is taken up? A: You can perform a WHOIS lookup at here. Q: How long is domain registration process? A: We will register your domain once your payment has been cleared into our bank account. For... Q: If the domain name I wish to register for is taken, what can I do?  A: Domain names are registered on a first come first served basis. If the domain name you want... Q: What is the term of registration? A:The term of registration is up to 5 years from the date you requested. Q: How long can my domain name be and what are the allowed characters? A: Your domain name can be up to 24 characters excluding the extensions. Allowable characters in... Q: Can I register a domain name with Yesspage without subscribing to your hosting service ? A: Yes, you can. After purchasing the domain from us, you just need to point the domain to your... Q: How long does it takes for an expired domain to work again after renewal?  A: After expired, domain name will be taken out from DNS and therefore website/email will not... Q: If I have registered a wrong domain name through Yesspage, what should I do? A:The registration fee is non-refundable. You shall be the owner of the domain for the fiscal... Q: How much do I need to pay for domain transfer? A: We do not charge any fee for domain transfer. However, you need to pay the Renewal Fee to... Q: How long is the domain transfer process to complete? A: It should take 1-7 days to complete depending on the registrar. Your domain will remain active... Q: What do I need to provide Yesspage if I would like to transfer my domain to Yesspage? A) Make sure your domain is unlocked B) Please request the EPP/Authorization code from your... Q: If I want to switch Hosting Service Provider can I still retain my domain name?  A: Yes, you can retain your domain name even if you switch Hosting Service Provider. However,... Q: What is the grace period for domain name renewal?  A: You will be entitled to a grace period of 40 days after the expiration date and status fall... Q: What will happen if I did not renew the domain name(s) before the expiry date or during the renewal grace period?  A: If customers did not renew the domain name before the expiry date or during the renewal grace... Q: What will happen if I did not restore the domain? A: If customers did not restore the domain under RGP, it will either drop into “pending delete”... Q: Who can apply for a domain name from MYNIC? A: Any Malaysian based organizations that have registered with ROC, ROB or ROS can apply for... Q: What is a Subdomain? A subdomain is subdivision of a domain name that enables your businesses to put another name in... Q: What is DNS? A: The Domain Name System (DNS) is the internet's equivalent of a phone book, converting the... Q: I already have a domain with another registrar. Can I transfer my domain to Yesspage? What is the condition? A: Yes, you can transfer it to us. Transferring your Domain Name will add one year to its current...
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