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Q : What is Symantec Safe Site? A :Symantec Safe Site helps businesses establish credibility online. When a web site displays... Q : What is malware? A : Malware is a general term for malicious software and is a growing problem on the Internet.... Q : Can Symantec Safe Site really help increase online sales? A :Yes. Customer case studies have shown an average increase in transactions of 24% (ranging... Q : Can the Symantec seal help increase traffic from search engines? A :Symantec Safe Site includes Seal-in-Search, which identifies Symantec trusted sites and... Q : Do I need to be the registrant of the domain name? A : The domain name which will be associated with Symantec Safe Site must be legally registered... Q : How does Symantec Safe Site reassure visitors? A :Growing concerns about fake sites, viruses, and identity theft have made consumers reluctant... Q : I submitted incorrect information for Symantec’s verification process. How do I correct it? A :Contact our customer service to cancel the order and purchase a new Symantec Safe Site... Q : I’ve purchased Symantec Safe Site. What’s next? A :Once you’ve purchased Symantec Safe Site, you must complete the application process in the... Q : I’ve received email confirming that Symantec has verified my identity. How do I get the Trust Seal onto my web site? A :Log in. In the “Manage Services” section, click “Symantec Safe Site”. Click the domain name... Q : What if my web site fails a malware scan? A :If Symantec detects malware during their daily scan, it deactivates the Trust Seal on the web...
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