This notice applies to all customers who are using Yesspage Shared Hosting, Email Hosting and Dedicated Server.

On Thursday, December 3rd, 2020, (5.45 PM - Malaysia Time) Yesspage will be migrating its public IP addresses space to the new addresses.  They are doing this as part of their continued efforts to maintain the high quality of its network, supported future product development, improve reliability and increase capacity to meet future growth.

Note:  Only the IP Address will change other will be nor change.
Possible Downtime of service is expected approximately 48 hours

Two types of the customer will need to prepare for the change before it occurs (will be managed by Yesspage Team):

1.Domain owner who points their DOMAIN to our server, this we will change the DNS record on the registrar page

2.Shared Hosting and Dedicated Server customer, you will expect a downtime that will not allow you to use any Yesspage service until the Propagation end.

Thanks in Advance,
Yesspage Network Administrator.

>Please pray for us that everything went well. ^^

Monday, November 30, 2020

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